Pink footer mats and 12noon start this week

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

We continue to have problems with teams failing to grasp the 4th jack concept which is introducing delays into the matchday timetable. The schematic below shows the playing order used at both greens every week. Teams are struggling to adhere to this order of play and whilst that is no big deal while the sun shines it will be frowned upon once the cold weather interferes and bowlers want to complete their games and return to their warm homes as quickly as possible.

Last week at Milnsbridge saw the 4th jack not even being in play until 15 minutes after all the other three games had started. We have to get slicker at recognising when only 3 jacks are on the green and the next pairing need to be lining up to play. Team captains have a big part to play in making this happen. It is not the responsibility of the host club to get players on the green at the appointed time, it is solely down to each team to get their players organised.

Recently introduced printed order of play sheets to help teams and bowlers with this appear to have had minimal effect. David Frost of Thorpe Green suggested introducing a colour coding scheme to aid this situation. Good idea and we will be trying it out this week. I went to Well Bowled at Luddendenfoot and asked them to tell me which is the most hideous, worst-selling, coloured footer mat that they stock and then I bought some. The outcome is that the two bowlers in the 4th jack slot will be provided with two pink footer mats to be used throughout their game.

Hopefully then the bowlers due to follow in the 4th jack slot will be able to follow that game more easily and see when that game ends and then move into position to follow on. They will also use the pink footers for the benefit of the pair to follow them as well. The pink footers to be returned to the host club at the end of the day ready for next week.

Over to you team captains, make this happen or continue to prolong the matchday and incur the wrath of your team and your opponents.

Also don't forget that all matches will have a 12noon start from this Tuesday and for the rest of the initial season.

The matchday playing order.

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