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Updated: May 25, 2020

Under the BCGBA guidelines for clubs re-opening their greens is a limit to the number of bowlers allowed on the green at any one time. To manage this properly some clubs have introduced a booking system so that members are not turning up to bowl when there are already others on the green.

Some clubs have been looking at an online booking system to help them with this. I have had a quick look at some services available and suggest that the one provided by Jezzam is worth following up.

There is a free 30-day trial.

The free trial allows a maximum of 25 bookings to be made.

After that it costs £9.50 per calendar month (no minimum period)

Maximum of 400 bookings per month (pay extra £2.50 to make maximum 800)

Members make their own bookings online.

Administrator emailed each time a member makes a booking.

Clubs have to register separately.

No credit card details are required for the free trial.

Jezzam have just contacted me offering a special deal for bowling clubs. Any club signing up now will get a 15% discount on the monthly fees plus free support to get their club online as soon as possible. The 30-day free trial still applies so no risk in trying it out. The link below takes you direct to the Bowls support set-up and there is a testimonial from Oakfield Bowling Club who of course are members of the Veterans League.

Jezzam - try it for free

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