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One of the features of this upgraded website is some of the increased functionality it offers. One such feature is the Notification email to registered users every time a new post is added to the site or someone responds to a comment that the visitor had previously added.

This is a very useful feature and would normally trigger an email once a day at 7:00am when we post our regular update. Should any further updates be added at any time then they will again send out an email to all website members.

Members can switch this Notification facility off if they wish and if they don't think it is working then they should check their account settings first to see if that is the root of the problem. It also appears that the facility can close itself to certain members if they have previously ignored some of the notifications. In such cases it regards any ignoring of the notification as classing such emails as Spam. So to ensure that doesn't happen all you need to do is open the email notification to alert the system that you are really interested in such postings.

There is also a switch within each member's account settings to determine whether you wish to receive such notifications or not. So if you don't want to receive these notifications then you can turn them off.

To turn off or on the Notification function you need to go into your account settings so first of all log in to your account using the Login box in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Then 'LOGIN' or 'SIGN UP' if you are not already a member.

Once logged in click the downward arrow in the Login box.

Select 'MY ACCOUNT' from the dropdown box.

Then select 'SETTINGS' from the box in the left-hand column.

Then you can turn on and off the Notification facility as you wish.

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