Notes of June Management Committee meeting

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The June Management Committee meeting was once again held by a Telephone Conference Call service with 11 members phoning in.

Members discussed the ongoing situation as regards the coronavirus and how clubs were reacting to it. Most clubs are now open for limited social bowling but reports were of little take-up of these opportunities. Some clubs have sounded out their team bowlers and reports were of around 50% of team bowlers not inclined to bowl in League matches this year. The results of the website survey on bowler's thoughts on bowling this year also indicated a growing reluctance to put families and households at risk of infection by returning to full bowling in the short-term.

All this coupled with the timescales now passing and little flexibility in the Government's approach to social distancing and clubs opening of their premises leads members to believe that there is very little chance of any competitive team bowling this season. It was agreed that the Management Committee should be in a position to make a decision about the current season at its next meeting on 13 July. That, in turn, will lead to a clearer picture around finances and to a decision being taken about club fees for 2020.

The one area where there may be a chance of some competitive bowling would be in individual competitions where it is the choice of an individual whether they take up the opportunity or not. In particular, the League would like to stage the 50th consecutive running of the Examiner Rose Bowl if at all possible.

The Treasurer reported on current financial activity which invited the question about the renewal or not of the bond currently held by HDVBA with £2,256 in it and a mature date in September. Once the full financial picture is known then decisions about renewing this or not can be made.

The Treasurer also reported on grants provided to local clubs from the Sport England Emergency Fund. In total he informed members that 15 clubs had received over £36,000 in total to date. These details are available on the Sport England website if you dig deep enough. It was decided that this detailed information would not be posted on the HDVBA website but links could be provided to the Sport England details. Grants for local clubs ranged from £300 to £10,000.

It was agreed that the Rules Sub-Committee would meet on Monday 15 June to consider any rule changes for the 2021 season and then make any recommendations to the July meeting of the full Management Committee. With no League action this year there are not expected to be any major overhaul of the rules but following club reaction at the AGM the rules around Starred Bowlers will be reviewed.

Work has restarted on preparing for the start of the new Winter League and the 10 clubs that have expressed an interest in joining this League will be meeting shortly to progress this work. One major decision to be taken will be who will oversee the running of this League with four options on the table. It could be the HDVBA, the host club, the teams themselves or an individual. Each member was asked where they saw this responsibility laying and almost all thought that it should be the HDVBA.

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