Newsome bowling green building plans

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Plans have been submitted to Kirklees M.C. for the development of the former Newsome bowling green. These plans are for the construction of eight detached bungalows which will be put on the market for £250,000 each. Although listed as bungalows the plans clearly show three first floor bedrooms in the eight identical homes. The building costs are speculated to be £1million.

Access to the new homes would be via a new road from St John's Avenue alongside the former club building which has already been converted into six apartments at a cost of £400,000.

The bowling club had been using the green since 1905 and was a top venue at its peak hosting County matches on occasion. The last meaningful Veteran's League prestige fixture to be played on that green was the 2015 Sub-Team KO Final when Slaithwaite beat Lindley Lib B 159-141. The Working Men's Club went into liquidation and Mr Smith bought the site for £250,000 in 2016. More than one member's ashes have been spread on the green over time. Hundreds of people protested against the plans but were unsuccessful and the bowling green site was allowed to fall into disrepair.

The Newsome Bowling Club re-located to Primrose Hill Lib for the start of the 2016 bowling season and remain members of the Veteran's League playing under their host's name.

The detailed plans are now available and public consultation is open until 5 June. Currently, there are 12 comments on the KMC website from individuals about the plans.

KMC Planning Application

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