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In the June Newsletter we posed a question on the Rules of Bowling set by Pat Stephenson. Well done to Des Emsall and Frank Greenwood for submitting the correct answers. I am sure that many more of you got it right (and wrong) and kept those guesses to yourselves. The question is reproduced below along with the answer.


Ted wasn't doing very well, losing 11-0. He decided to leave the green and change his woods and asked his opponent Dennis if he could do so.

Q1. Does he need his opponents permission to leave the green.

Q2. Is he allowed to change his woods during a game, and IF SO what does the player need and in what circumstances may this be allowed.

PAT ANSWERS Rule 2.8 covers this - the permission of his opponent is not needed as the only person who can allow him to change his bowls is the referee and to change the bowls must be so damaged as to be unplayable.

I once saw this happen in a county match at Ossett Flying Horse when Steven Haigh struck and missed and his wood on hitting the sleepers around the green split in half.

Laws of Bowling

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