New playing format explained

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We have a new matchday playing format which might take a little time to get used to. On each green it will be 6 teams playing in 3 matches with 4 jacks.

This should result in all 12 games from all 3 matches being completed in around 2 hours.

All matches are comprised of 4 Singles games.

All games are 21-up with a point scored for each win.

Two points to the team with the best aggregate total.

Six points at stake in every match.

This is how it will work....


Team A v Team B

Team C v Team D

Team E v Team F


Four jacks will be on the green to ensure maximum use and

minimise match duration in the cold winter weather.

One jack per match for the first three games which follow each other. As game 1 finishes game 2 goes on. At least one game from each match on the green at all times.

The 4th Singles game in each match will use Jack 4 and these games will also follow each other. I like schematics - hopefully the one below will make the running order easier to follow.

Clubs can print off this one-page flyer which explains the format for all team members.

MatchDay Playing Format
Download PDF • 49KB

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