New Phase 2a Interim Guidance from BCGBA

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Following the Government Phase 2a announcements yesterday and subsequent issuing of the details of the changes to the lockdown rules, the BCGBA have issued some interim guidance on these changes as they affect crown green bowling. Some will see these interim changes as just bringing in to line with the guidance issued by Lawn Bowls two weeks ago.

In essence the latest changes are:

  • 30 people allowed at the venue including those on the green as long as all social distancing is maintained (this will allow up to 30 people in total).

  • The number of players on the green should be risk assessed by your club and an acceptable number agreed based on the size of the green.

  • Each group can consist of 2 households, (Social bubbles) or up to 6 from individual households.

The risk assessment mentioned above has to be documented before any changes to current practices are permitted.

The ruling about clubs only permitting members to bowl at their club is retained for now so no competitive bowling between clubs is allowed. Internal competitions are permitted but only following a fully documented risk assessment has been approved by the YCCGBA.

Social distancing has to be maintained at all times. This remains at 2metres or 1metre if certain precautions are taken such as face covering. Strong hygiene regulations must be in place.

The BCGBA has to work through the details of the Goverment papers and then submit their renewed guidance to the Department of Sport for approval before it can be passed on to clubs and leagues. In the interim this initial guidance is designed to prepare clubs for the work that they will have to undertake before any changes can be introduced.

Read the full interim BCGBA guidance below carefully but it is clear that no immediate changes can be implemented and we are still awaiting the full revised guidance from the BCGBA.

Phase 2a update 8th July 2020
Download PDF • 66KB

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