New Kirklees lockdown impact on bowling

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Just when you thought it was safe to talk about starting competitive bowling again up pops another hurdle to be overcome. This week's announcement that Kirklees is one of nine areas in the UK to have a lockdown reintroduced is bad news for everyone. How does it impact on plans to start our the new Winter League in October?

People in those nine areas can only go to pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues with other members of their household. In Kirklees now people from different households are barred from meeting indoors. How does this affect bowling clubs? Can clubhouses still be open to support bowling matches? Will refreshments be available for bowlers? Will toilets still be available for bowlers?

The Government have said that reviews of the local lockdowns will be made on a weekly basis so there are chances of changes over the coming weeks. The new local lockdown rules are the subject of confusion with variations in each area. We really need some clear guidance and leadership now but it is not clear where that might come from. The BCGBA and YCCGBA appear to have gone AWOL for the last few weeks just when you expect them to rise to the occasion.

Whereas earlier in the pandemic era there was a clear path of feeding news from the BCGBA through their County organisations to Leagues and clubs that appears to have dried up now. This website was one of a few means that YCCGBA used to pass on updates and revised guidance. I have heard nothing at all from them since 10 July. Since then we have had the Phase 3 episode to factor in and now the local lockdown but still no news from YCCGBA. I think it may be personal and petty.

The YCCGBA website offers no help whatsoever with the last message added there on 30 June. The BCGBA website was updated yesterday (31 July) with a reaction to the Government's announcements of 18 July. It's hardly dynamic is it? In the interim, I have had to search for updates from third-parties to help keep bowlers informed of the Phase 3 developments and provide some guidance to clubs keen to open their greens to more bowling.

The clubs are funding payments to these people to administer our sport. I think the clubs deserve a better service - and a refund. Earlier this year I was approached by the YCCGBA about taking on the role of their Chief Executive Officer. I declined their offer. Guess why?

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