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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

You may have noticed that a number of new links have started to appear on the website's homepage and in particular in the left-hand column. These are headed as Top Topics.

It is just an opportunity to link together some storylines that may be of specific ongoing interest to visitors so they don't have to go searching through hundreds of previous Old News postings.

In addition by putting all the postings relevant to one topic together, it will make following a story or theme so much easier. Currently there are four topics:

  1. Coronavirus covers all the postings since we first came across the pandemic in mid-March 2020. It mainly covers the impact on the 2020 season and what steps were taken in the bowling world to curtail its rampant spreading.

  2. The new Winter League category relates the story about the formation of the new competition planned for an October 2020 start date.

  3. Club History pulls together all the postings of the history of clubs in the Huddersfield area including all the opening dates of the 48 Veteran's League clubs.

  4. Rest in Peace is an ongoing record of the passing of Veteran's League bowlers and officials. We don't mean to be morbid but such postings are the most visited of any postings that we add to the site especially by the casual visitor.

We will continue to add to these four categories as new developments in each get posted in the future. There may also be further Top Topics added over time. Try them out by clicking on any of the images to take you to all the postings in that category.

We've also added a couple of quick links in the right-hand column related to our monthly newsletter. This provides easy access to the latest issue of the newsletter and will hopefully encourage more people to sign up to subscribe to our mailing list for future editions.

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