New Government guidance rekindles hopes of restart

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

At this evening's COVID-19 press conference there is a real indication of a relaxation of the controls over local sports. The latest announcement included the following:

From Saturday 11 July outdoor pools can reopen, while from Saturday 25 July indoor facilities such as gyms, leisure centres and pools will also be allowed to reopen, provided operators follow government guidelines.
Team sports can also restart when each sport's national governing body has published a government-approved action plan and related guidance on playing safely. 

We now await the follow-up to this from our sport's national governing body, the BCGBA, but this does open up hope of a change in restrictions and possibly the opportunity to get some competitive bowling in this calendar year. The big words we want to hear are about a change in the wording around competitive bowling.

As I read it the BCGBA has to submit an Action Plan to the Government for approval and only when that has been approved can new guidance be issued to all of us awaiting that news. That being the case it will probably be a few days before all that has been completed satisfactorily and only then can we expect to see the approved BCGBA guidance made available to all.

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