New Book: Bowls Club Survival

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

For those clubs that are facing an uncertain future in the current trying times some may resort to seeking outside advice. One such source of advice is a new book entitled 'Bowls Club Survival and Turnaround'.

The book has been written by John Quinn who is one of only 80 Master Greenkeepers worldwide and has nearly 40 years experience in bowling green maintenance, fine turf care and managing sports facilities including the design, construction, establishment and management of bowling greens and golf courses.

John has been involved in all aspects of the industry including hands-on greenkeeping, design and management of facilities, bowling green contracting and greenkeeper education. John was previously a Director at Elmwood College, the premier greenkeeper training college in Europe.

John’s current work includes providing consulting and training services to clients on turf maintenance and club management, including the training of golf course and golf club managers in China on a regular basis.

John is also an active author and has published a range of titles for bowling clubs and other businesses.

Inside your copy of ‘Bowling Club Survival and Turnaround, you’ll discover the 7 essential steps to success.

  1. How to stem the flow of cash out of your club starting today and how to prime a pump that will see more cash flowing into your club effortlessly.

  2. The remarkable 10 Minute MBA or how to build a business model that works for your club.

  3. An amazingly simple but powerful formula that will ensure your club stands head and shoulders above all of your competition.

  4. In a revolutionary take on the Marketing of your rejuventated club we turn the commonly accepted view and perceived “wisdom” about Marketing firmly on its head! In this remarkable section, we demonstrate  “paint by numbers” instructions for achieving all of the members you want with a vastly reduced Marketing budget.

  5. Step 5 provides what can only be described as ABC style instructions and guidance to turn your club into a smooth, efficient and profitable machine.

  6. In step 6 you’ll discover a  remarkable system for adding 20-30% of your current income straight onto your bottom line profit!…by dealing with waste in your club.

  7. “Step 7 is essentially a method for bringing all of the previous steps together into an automatic club improvement system. Even after you’ve applied the first 6 steps and have a thriving, profitable club; this step pretty much guarantees that even a very efficient club will improve bottom-line performance by at least 10% every 3 months”.

I haven't read the book myself but if anyone has already read it or follows up this article by purchasing a copy then maybe they will provide a review for all our members to learn from. The book is available as an ebook for your Kindle or laptop or desktop PC for £9.97 and can be purchased online by following the link below. Bowls Club Survival

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