Name the Club: Number 2

I've resurrected the Name the Club Quiz that had started on the Veteran's League website prior to my departure. All the guidance you need is in the title. Identify the Veteran's League club from the clues provided. Select your guess from the listing below and get an instant response as to if you are correct or not. Have as many goes as you like. It is all totally anonymous. No-one will know that you got it wrong 22 times on the trot!

Name the Veteran's League Club 2

Which club in the last 7 years has ....

  1. Played in the final of two knock-out competitions and lost both.

  2. Been promoted or relegated every year except once.

Select your best guess from the listing below and then scroll down to Submit your answer.

Then scroll up to hit the View Score button to find out if you got it right.

If for any reason you have problems with entering your guess in the entry form below please use this link to an alternative online entry form.

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