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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We set the poser ....

Name the Club 1

Which club in the last 10 years ...

  1. Has played in Sections 1,2,3 and 5 of the 10-Man league

  2. Not had a 6-Man League team

  3. Has twice finished at the top of its Section

  4. Has won one individual and one team KO competition

  5. Has not provided a bowler for an Inter-District team

  6. From a community boasting of 4 Veteran's League teams

The answer is my club - KIRKHEATON CON.

The A team has played in Sections 1,2 and 3 winning the Section 2 title in 2013. The new B team was started last year and won the Section 5 title. Jason Armitage and Gordon Walker won the Pairs KO in 2014 and the B side won the Sub-Team KO last year and we have not provided an Inter-District bowler in the last 10 years. The two Kirkheaton clubs - Cons and the Cricket & Bowling Club - each has 2 teams in the Veterans League.

There were just three correct answers received for this one so congratulations if you were one of those. Will try to make it a little easier next time.

I'm keen to keep including things that allow interaction with website visitors. Quizes are a great way of doing this. More coming your way soon but How about you setting a poser to be used in the future in this 'Name the Club' quiz? Maybe your own club or any other Veteran's League club, give it a go. Contact Us

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