UPDATE: All 10 Veterans' Merit bowlers named but

PREVIOUSLY: An appeal over the weekend for help in identifying some of the bowlers on the homepage photo from the 1989 Veteran's Merit has failed to arouse any real responses so far.

We already know that this isn't a Merit line-up as the Veterans' League has never had such a competition but in 1989 there were just two individual competitions - those being the Rose Bowl and the Over-70's KO. We suspect that this photo is of the former one of those.

Alan Brown opened the topic on the Members' Forum by naming three of the bowlers but the other seven remain anonymous, unless you know differently of course.

UPDATE: Looks like we might have named all 10 bowlers now following a posting from Dennis Machen. Follow the link below to see the two postings for the complete listing.

HOWEVER: A C.B. Armitage is listed in our records as the winner of the Rose Bowl and the Over-70's KO in 1989. If that is correct then he should be included in the list of names on this photo. So where is he? Or is this not a photo of the 1989 Rose Bowl or Over-70's KO?

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