Message from YCCGBA Chief Executive

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This message has been issued by Yorkshire CCGBA along with the notice of the impact of the Phase 2a revised guidance.

Following the Government's announcements this week and particularly the one yesterday this is the latest advice from the BCGBA and YCCGBA. The BCGBA has now to submit to the Department of Sport, along with all other community sports, plans for the next phase of opening the game up to more participants.
No further guidance will be issued until this approval has been received. As green sizes and shapes vary the number of bowlers allowed on the green at any one time is now the responsibility of the club itself bearing in mind all social distancing criteria.
Please use commonsense and act responsibly on this aspect.
Thank you, stay safe. Alan Stephenson Joint Acting YCCGBA CEO.

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