Local greens in the face of a storm

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I asked for photographs of your green in the wet weather prompted by the arrival of Storm Francis this week. I have received one taken yesterday (Tuesday) and have added a couple of older photos of weather damaged greens for interest. Click on any photo to enlarge

The first one was taken mid-afternoon on Tuesday and is of the Holmfirth green, the day that Storm Francis arrived in town. Look closely and you see the rain falling on the spectator shelter but not on the green which is perfectly dry and playable. Maybe Storm Francis didn't fancy Holmfirth for some reason. Thank you to Gill Farnsworth for this one.

Then I have two more photographs to share with you but neither of them are recent ones.

The first is of Lindley BC on a Monday afternoon in 2012. Credit to the green's drainage system meaning that the Elland League match for that same evening went ahead as scheduled. I am grateful to Mike Thornton for this photograph and story.

The final one is of Denby Dale and this comes from my photographic archives and I am unsure of the date but it wasn't this year. I suspect that any match scheduled for this green at that time wouldn't get played for some while. Easy to find the crown in this weather!

If you have a photograph of your weather-beaten green, either this week or any other time, then please share it with us. Contact Us

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