League Rules updated ready for season start

The Management Committee was given delegated authority by the teams to complete the work on the first set of League Rules which they have duly completed.

It is widely recognised that a completely new set of rules will not stand the test of time and changes will probably have to be made at the end of the season. By then we will have tested out a number of those rules, teams will understand them better and want to make changes. But we have to start somewhere and that is where we are.

So when you see a rule which maybe doesn't seem really appropriate or fit for purpose think about how you would reword it. The Management Committee will remain flexible and pragmatic in the application of the rules in the first season whilst we all settle into a new way of running our League, just cut us a bit of slack in the first instance and let's enjoy the bowling and be thankful that we have finally got the opportunity to do that.

You can view the rules at any time by using the top menu under League/League Rules. We don't have a Yearbook to put the rules in so if you want a paper copy to keep in the bowls bag then a copy is below for you to save and print off or alternatively follow this link to see the latest copy online.

WinterLeagueRules v4 15092020
Download PDF • 65KB

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