League Rules Review

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

If you believe that one or more of our League Rules (bye-laws) needs amending then now is the time to do something about it. The Management Committee's Rules Sub-Committee is meeting next Monday (15th) to review the rules and will then make any recommendations for change to the July meeting of the full Management Committee. Then any agreed changes are put before the October Half-Year General Meeting of all clubs.

With no bowling this year it is not anticipated that there will be any major shake-up of the rules but one area that will come under the microscope is those rules involving Starred Bowlers. At the February AGM a number of clubs expressed concern that the present version of Starred Bowlers is no longer fit-for-purpose and that changes are required. A review was promised and that will start next week.

If you have a view on the current Starred Bowlers rules (primarily Match Play Rules 1c and 1d) then please share it with us. You can use the Comments facility at the foot of this posting or you can use the Members Forum or alternatively Contact Us directly.

Similarly, if you have a suggestion for changing or adding or deleting any of our current Bye-Laws then now is also the time to voice them.

League Bye-Laws

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