League Rules near completion

Every League needs a set of clear readable rules otherwise chaos results. Much as we all hate following rules a well-regarded organisation must have some sense of order that is provided by the guidance of a common set of rules.

When the League was in its formative stage it was always expected that we would adopt the HDVBA Bye-Laws for its overarching principles and then introduce a subset of rules specific to the Winter League. With the HDVBA clearly not wanting us to join them it is beholding of us to have our own rules. The Management Committee decided that there should be one set of rules for the future.

A draft was produced and then amended to produce Draft 2. This has since been circulated to all 14 teams for comment. It is expected that teams will discuss this draft and finalise the rules before the season starts. A copy of Draft 2 is now available to view for all bowlers on our website with a complete approved set being published before 6 October. Draft 2

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