Laws of Bowling Quiz

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The April issue of the monthly HDVBA Newsletter has now been emailed to all 364 people on our mailing list.

In the 6-page issue we set a short quiz on the Laws of Bowling provided by Allan Dobson.


Dave likes a smoke.

He recently bought an electric cigarette from Ye Olde Vape Shoppe.

He's trying it out whilst scoring at a Vets match at Brockholes. His team-mate is playing and he asks Dave 'Who's on?’

Dave walks on to the green, still enjoying his new type of cigarette and gives his opinion to his team mate.

Q1. Is Dave allowed to smoke an electronic cigarette whilst on the green?

Q2. Is Dave allowed onto the green?

Q3. What guidance do the laws give to scorers?

Follow this link to post your best three answers to these questions.

Full set of answers on the Member's Forum later in the week.

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