Brockholes, Milnsbridge & Broad Oak re-opening

Updated: May 21, 2020

Updated at 8:00pm Wednesday 13 May 2020

Two more greens are re-opening shortly with Brockholes starting at 10:00 am Saturday and will be followed by Broad Oak re-opening on Monday. Both will be operating booking systems and the details, along with all the other information we currently have, are in the table below.

These are added to Milnsbridge who re-opened today and Lindley BC who are also back in business. Rastrick are due to re-open tomorrow (Thursday) whilst we have four clubs that have stated that they will stay closed for the immediate future.

Please provide us with updates on your club's position so that we may share the news with your members and other clubs. We are now including any non-Veteran's League club news as well. Contact Us.

Where we have specific information about any green this has been added as well but all clubs should be complying with the BCGBA guidance which can be found in total via the link below.

Here are some of the headlines from that guidance:

1. Only Club members allowed to bowl.

2. Only one jack on the green at any one time.

3. Records to be kept of who bowls and when.

4. You can only bowl with members of your household or 'Best Friend'.

5. Clubhouses and toilets must be kept closed.

6. Social Distancing of 2 metres should be maintained at all times.

Tell us if your green is open for social bowling or not. Contact Us

The full BCGBA guidance is here ....

Risk Assessment Plan green reopening 11t
Download • 168KB

Now happy to include non-Veteran's League clubs.

The latest club news we have is listed below ....

Tell us if your green is open for social bowling or not. Contact Us

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