Just for Fun - name the Year 1 Winners & Losers

Exactly two weeks to go to the start of the very first set of fixtures in the brand new Winter League on Tuesday 6 October. There is the Test Day matchday games next Tuesday and then we are into 14 weeks of competitive bowling. in advance of the start and just as a bit of fun we invite you all to name the teams that you think will finish the first-ever Winter League season at the top and bottom of their respective divisions.

For the deep-thinkers, there is now the opportunity to study the list of registered bowlers with each team as a guide to their chances of having a successful first campaign. Just go to Bowlsnet and click on REG. Then select a team name and it pulls up all the bowlers registered with that team. Alternatively, click on this link to go direct.

Once you have chosen your four selections to be the end of season divisional winners and bottom-placed teams then enter them below. Add your name (optional) if you have every confidence in your selections. If the form below isn't working for you then click on this link to go direct to the online form.

Once you've submitted your selections then scroll up to see how all the previous punters have voted.

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