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Updated: May 27, 2020

The questions that I posed with the change to the 5 homepage photos proved very difficult for many and there were over 200 visitors who looked at the quiz with four of you, in particular, trying hard at working out the answers so special mention to Alan Brown, Des Emsell, Paul Rushworth and Neil Hinchliffe who all came close to naming the five greens but four being the best total. They also contributed to the other answers as well. I fear that I may be in trouble with the answers in identifying the five greens in the ariel photo but read on.

As a reminder here are the questions as asked in the listing of the five homepage photos posted last Friday with the answers in red.

1. Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club Bowling Club probably has the longest club name in the area and also a very nice green which you can't see from this photo that Bob Haigh took on his wanderings a couple of weeks ago. Nice bit of colour on the approach road to Lockwood Park and an unflattering view of their clubhouse.

2. An Over-70s KO qualifying round at Shepley taken in 2015 with a number of familiar faces but who is the bowler we have decapitated in this shot? ANSWER: The late Colin Perry of |Marsden Park was the bowler chopped off at the top of the picture. Well done to the only correct answer to be received before giving you the full picture and that came from Neil Hinchliffe. Full picture below.

3. Not sure if this is a league match, KO tie or an individual competition so you are on your own with this one. Extra points for naming any bowlers but no points for guessing the venue is Almondbury Lib. ANSWER: I haven't a clue what match or competition this photo came from but the only guesses I received came from Alan Brown naming Alan Sharp and Bernard Jones and they look like pretty good guesses to me in the absence of any definitive answer. With Alan Sharp playing on his home green I can only assume that this photo was of a League match.

4. Golden Oldie time - find and name the five greens in this photograph.

ANSWER: This is the question that is probably going to get me in a lot of trouble. In my defence I should say that I am not local, I'm a come-inner and can only work with the information I have been given. I have no local knowledge to apply on this. So I am relying on the information that came with the photo and it named the five club greens as Fartown, Fartown Liberal, Fartown WMC, Hillhouse & Birkby and HC&AC (2 greens).

5. Jason Armitage and Gordon Walker of Kirkheaton Con, the 2014 Pairs KO Winners.

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