Have you ever bowled at Friezland BC?

Winter League Treasurer Bob Haigh does a lot of walking and is never without his camera. Earlier this week his walk took him along a new route where he came across a stange-shaped bowling green. Bob takes up the story.

I was out walking on the Pennine Bridleway this morning and spotted a sign for Friezland Bowling Green, I had never heard of Friezland and thought I was in Greenfield at the time so went to have a nosy and it looked a strange shape so I took a photo. When I got home I looked it up on Google Arial and it does look an unusual shape, but not as severe as my ground-level shot makes it look.  It is over the Lancashire border these days but was in the Historic West Riding of Yorkshire at one time. Has anybody bowled there? 

Well, have you ever bowled there?

How about sharing photos or experiences of bowling on strange-shaped or sited greens that you have come across.

Google Arial view

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