Green higher than Castle Hill - many wrong guesses

The poser I set you on Tuesday is proving to be quite difficult for most of you. But not for Bob Haigh and Des Emsall who have provided the only two correct answers so far.

Just a reminder that I am looking for the name of the pub that was next to the highest green in the Huddersfield area - it isn't Castle Hill. One clue - the green isn't there any longer. Other wrong guesses that have been submitted include Skel Windmill, Farnley Tyas, Grange Moor and Scapegoat Hill.

The original question is below and runs for another couple of days before I reveal the answer so plenty of time to submit your best efforts.

Castle Hill is 267 metres above sea level but one old green at that time was even higher. Bearing in mind that greens are always alongside a pub or club, name the pub that had a green that was 331 metres (1,085 feet) above sea level. Guess Now

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