Founders Fund approaches massive total

The support for the unique Founders' Fund continues to grow and we are just short of a massive £500 total which will, in fact already has, surpassed all expectations. With donations already received or pledged we now have £480 in the pot to purchase an impressive trophy which will become known as the Founder's Cup and be awarded annually to the winners of the Winter League competition. Thank you to all our very generous Founders for their support and those names will be associated with this trophy forever. Can we prise that final £20 out of another donor to hit the £500 jackpot total?

Would you like to be a part of the history of the new Winter League? A minimum £10 donation gets your name added to the List of Founders. The funds generated are to be used to purchase a new Founders' Cup to be awarded annually to the winners of the Winter League Championship which inevitably will be our most prestigious prize.

The full List of Founders to date: Tony Lockwood (Lowerhouses), Mike Ralph (Springwood), Bob Haigh (Hudd.Rec.Club), Jeff Jacklin (Kirkheaton Con), Margaret & Mike Pointon (Hudd.Rec.Club), Philip Walker (Lindley BC), Brian Faichney (Hudd.Rec.Club), Jim Baxter (Milnsbridge), Alan Hobson (Thorpe Green), Glynis Philbin (Lindley BC), Allan Dobson (Kirkheaton C&BC), Anon (of Dalton), David Watts (Meltham), Peter Swinden (Meltham), Jeff Mellor (Springwood), David Union (Outlane), Bill Blackburn (Lindley BC) and Peter Hellawell (Hudd.Rec.Club).

The doors are still open for anyone to become a League Founder. Regardless of how you want to pay - cash direct to the Treasurer, cheque or BACS transfer, we welcome all contributions to the Founder's Fund. Unfortunately, banks are still not opening new accounts so we remain reliant on the Treasurer's goodwill in using his personal banking facility. Cheques can be made out to Robert Haigh and sent to his home address or pushed through his letterbox or, if you prefer to make a BACS transfer then please email Bob for his bank account details at

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