Formed in 1878 the oldest bowling club in town

A lot of the work that Des Emsall has been doing in digging deep into the history of bowling clubs and greens in the area has involved trolling through many historical websites. One of the most helpful in this work is the Huddersfield Exposed website maintained by Dave Pattern, the Library Systems Manager at the University of Huddersfield.

Dave keeps sending me snippets of bowling history as he uncovers them and the latest piece points towards the formation of Dalton B.C. as being 1878 which would make it the oldest club in town that we have uncovered so far. Dave sent me the newspaper extract below to support this.

The annual dinner of the Dalton Cricket Club held at the Junction Hotel, Moldgreen, in November 1878 reported that the bowling green (which they’d pledged to make at the previous year’s dinner) “was now finished and was highly spoken of”. It had been constructed by Sam Wilson who had “spared no labour in constructing it in a creditable manner” at a cost of £46 18s. 7d.

Whilst Dalton may be the oldest bowling club in town that doesn't necessarily make it the oldest bowling green as we know that there were several greens in existence prior to 1850 but more about them shortly.

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