Face-to-Face General Meeting of all teams

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

A Face-to-Face General Meeting of all teams is to be held at Milnsbridge BC at 10:00am on Tuesday 15 September. That is two weeks before the Test Day and that will be one of the agenda items under discussion at the meeting.

Recent changes to the local lockdown rules have encouraged us to call a face-to-face meeting of all teams. This will be the first actual meeting of the teams since early March whilst two Conference Call meetings have been held over the lockdown months. The Management Committee has held three Conference Call meetings over the lockdown period but this will be the first time that they will have met as well.

Also on the agenda for this meeting will be finalising a version of the League Rules ready for the start of the season as well as updates from the two host clubs about their preparation for the Test Day matches to share the precautions they have taken to ensure the safety of all the teams.

A Q&A session will address any outstanding issues that anyone may have and hopefully after that everyone will be clear and ready to bowl.

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