Does anyone know what is happening to our sport?

I still haven't seen any up to date guidance on what the latest changes to the lockdown rules mean for bowling. I thought we might have received updates from the BCGBA in line with how previous changes have been managed but nothing is forthcoming so far.

I've been on the BCGBA website and there is nothing later than 1 June that I can find. Same for the YCCGBA website nothing later than the same date despite the Prime Minister announcing significant changes on Tuesday 23rd. Even if there is no change to the guidance I would have thought that statement was worth sharing with us. Both organisations have Facebook pages but they haven't been added to since 31 May.

I emailed our YCCGBA/BCGBA rep on Wednesday but haven't had even an acknowledgement to that so not sure what is happening. I've also trolled through various bowling websites but no-one seems any the wiser although I note that at least one League in the area has started canvassing clubs in preparation for a July restart but I can find no guidance to support that dream/decision.

If the BCGBA don't believe that any new guidance is required why don't they say so instead of leaving us to second-guess what is going on? Communications are poor and I hope that after this pandemic is over that the BCGBA take the time to examine their role and undertake a lessons-learnt exercise so that we don't have to endure this lack of support in the future.

The BCGBA have already cancelled all their competitions for 2020 so will not be too bothered about organising the response to the Government's actions but some of us league administrators are hoping to see some competitive bowling in 2020 and we need that help now.

I'll keep trying to find out what is happening but don't hold your breath and in the absence of any updated guidance, some organisations appear to have already started to make their own rules up. So if you hear anything that sounds half-genuine please let me know.

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