'Crown Green is not tactical' - really?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There is an interesting article on the www.bowls.co.uk website which states that crown green bowlers are more interested in beating the green rather than their opponent. Would you agree with that?

It says...

'Crown green bowlers have to concentrate so much on beating the green that they don’t rely too heavily on tactics and strategy, but aim to get as close to the jack as possible.'

I have always thought that tactics played an important role in determining the outcome of many crown green bowling games. Should I bowl to my strengths rather than my opponents weaknesses? Can I find my opponents weakness before he finds mine? Long mark, short mark, with or against the bias, over the crown or find a straight mark? These are decisions only a crown green bowler has to make so I am not sure why anyone would think it not to be a tactical sport.

The article goes on to state that there are too many crown green bowling competitions in place at present which is damaging the sport. There are other statements that I know some bowlers will disagree with as well. Worth a look. www.bowls.co.uk

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