Coronavirus discussion by Management Committee

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The escalation of the Coronavirus concerns and extended guidance being offered to sporting organisations makes it timely that the HDVBA Management Committee is meeting tomorrow and will discuss what reaction, if any, they should be making.

The national concern, the elderly and most vulnerable grouping coupled with the arrival of the bowling season all add up to reasons why clubs have been asking about guidance.

Following on from the Management Committee discussing the problem at tomorrow's meeting the matter will again be discussed at the meeting of the ten teams participating in the Winter League Trials later this month. Written requests from clubs for guidance shows the concern that we all have amidst the forecasts for escalation of infections.

If you would like to share your concern or offer an opinion on what guidance the Management Committee should be offering then go to our Member's Forum and add your comments to the discussion now started there.

Member's Forum

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