UPDATE 4: Compass Quiz Clue: top answer is wrong

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

UPDATE 4 as at 6.15pm Thursday: You are all struggling with only 2 fully correct answers from the 34 entries received so far. I hadn't expected you to find it this difficult. What do I know?

Time to give you a clue. The most popular answer for the most northern club in the Veteran's League is wrong. More than 20 of you have named Elland C&BC as the most northern club. Think again, then submit another entry.

Those entrants who selected Jackson Bridge(3 times), Cleckheaton(twice) and Grange Moor(3 times) for various answers need to reread the rules. Only VETERAN'S LEAGUE clubs are included in this quiz.

Just a quick tester for you all. Name the Veteran's League clubs that are at the furthest points of the compass. So name the clubs that are the furthest North, South, East & West in the area. That's it.

Try doing it without using Google first. You can always submit a second answer later after Googling it but even then you will need to know your Latitudes and Longitudes. This tester is totally anonymous. Use the form below to submit your best guesses or if there is a problem with that then use this link. Good luck.

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