Compass Quiz another clue

You are all struggling with this one as I still only have 2 fully correct answers from the 44 entries to date.

Time to give you another clue. If you have Elland C&BC or Holmfirth anywhere among your selections then you will never get the full correct answer.

Those entrants who selected Jackson Bridge(3 times), Cleckheaton(twice) and Grange Moor(3 times) for various answers need to reread the rules. Only VETERAN'S LEAGUE clubs are included in this quiz.

So a reminder of the quiz. Name the Veteran's League clubs that are at the furthest points of the compass. So name the clubs that are the furthest North, South, East & West in the area. That's all there is to it.

The quiz will close Sunday morning and the full result will be announced then as well.

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