Coming soon in your July Newsletter

The July issue of your monthly newsletter is due out next weekend and despite there being no actual bowling activity to record will still bring you up to date with everything that is happening in the Veterans League.

That will include some exciting news about the new Winter League; an article from Alan Stephenson about County matches which encourages more people to take in that experience; the Nostalgia page looks 25 years back in time to 1995 and a financial crisis in the HDVBA and we also include a full report on the June Management Committee meeting and lots more besides.

An early copy is emailed to everyone on our mailing list before it becomes widely available via our website a few days later. In the last three weeks 14 new subscribers have signed up to receive their early copy and that takes the subscriber number to 368. You can join them at no cost. Subscription is free for all forever. Subscribe Now

You can access all 42 of the previous issues of the newsletter at any time. Past Issues

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