Bradley & Colne, New Mill open, Slaithwaite closed

Updated: May 21, 2020

Two more clubs have decided to open their greens to members only, as provided for in the BCGBA guidance notes.

Bradley & Colne re-opened their green yesterday and are following all the requirements in the BCGBA guidance which means that the clubhouse and toilets have to remain closed.

New Mill will re-open on Thursday 21 May but only available through pre-booked 45-minute slots from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Eddie Brook on 01484 685321 is now accepting member bookings.

Slaithwaite will remain closed for the immediate future although that decision will be reviewed on 1 June. The full updated status of 27 local greens is at the foot of this posting. Add your club's status now. Contact Us

Good time to remind everyone about one aspect of the BCGBA guidance. This covers the number of people allowed on the green at any one time. The BCGBA diagram below shows that the maximum number of people allowed on the green together is three at any one time. If a family is bowling together then all must be club members.

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