Bowlsnet sorted

UPDATE: Seems that no league has ever tried to run a Home & Away competition on two greens before hence the Bowlsnet problem. Workaround now in place but will not be fully repaired until next version is released. That version will also fix the decimal point problem associated with leagues run on neutral greens. So now you know - pleased you asked aren't you?

The problem in Bowlsnet where it was giving 3 points instead of 2 points to the Aggregate winners in each match has been cured. Seems it was a problem within Bowlsnet although the developer hasn't found the source of it yet.

However, the scores are now correct even if they do appear with an unneeded decimal point which I am hoping to get rid of soon but it is linked to the aggregate problem.

With no summer bowling, the changes to Bowlsnet that the developer has been working on have never been tested in a live environment. The Winter League provided the ultimate test to uncover an unexpected problem. Hopefully we can continue right through the season with no further complications. If I can just get rid of those decimal points!

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