Bowlsnet is your Winter League Bowling Bible

Clubs or individuals in any doubt about matches or tables should refer to our Bowlsnet pages as this is the League's Bible as regards all such matters. Any changes to match dates, start times or venues will be contained on those pages. This applies today and right through the Winter League season.

For example all the matches postponed on opening day have been rearranged for 5 January 2021 and all the details were immediately updated on Bowlsnet. Access is easy at any time through the Bowlsnet link on the top menu of every page on this website.

[TIP] Create your own homepage on Bowlsnet to bring together all the Bowlsnet records for the leagues that you play in. 1. Start at the 'My Bowlsnet' page. 2. On that page click on the 'My Bowlsnet' button. 3. Then click on 'All Leagues' from the top-right menu. 4. Click on the '+' sign alongside all the leagues you are interested in.

5. Click on 'My Leagues' from the top-right menu.

You now have a unique set of leagues on Bowlsnet to flip between as you see fit. Save this page to your favourites to gain instant access to all these leagues whenever you want.

There is also the facility within Bowlsnet to produce your own personal playing record. It produces a list of all the matches you have played in from all your leagues in date order on one screen. It only works when you have set up the 'My Bowlsnet' homepage as explained above for your selected leagues. You access it from the 'My Results' link in the top-right menu but It only works on the current season so not of any use at present.

Bowlsnet is a wonderful system for instant updating of results input by the team representatives themselves. The league tables and player averages are all updated immediately and it is now the default results reporting system for over 180 crown green bowling leagues in the UK. It sits well alongside the League's website with both serving different roles. You need to visit both to keep up to date with all League activity.

Don't listen to gossip or rumours, Bowlsnet is your bowling Bible and will be kept up to date with any changes to any arrangements. Such changes may be duplicated on this website as well but Bowlsnet should always be your first port of call whenever you are in doubt. If you don't believe what you see there and think that there may be an error on Bowlsnet then please check it out with the Secretary through these contact details.

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