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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I have spoken before about the impressive website of Bowls England which is the Lawn Bowls equivalent of the BCGBA. The website is a front for all the information that they make available to clubs and bowlers including a lot of training material and guidance on green maintenance. They have now extended that range of means of communicating with everyone by opening up their own YouTube video channel,

The number of videos is increasing on that channel and they continue to provide good training material for the benefit of clubs and bowlers. The latest video (Webinar) provides some good guidance on an important issue for all clubs.

How to Communicate to Club Members Helping clubs understand a simple way to communicate to club members using simple tips which save time, money and are hazzle-free. It is 70-minutes long so you might want to make a cuppa before you start. Watch now

The lessons apply to crown green bowling clubs just as much as they do to lawn bowls. The lessons are free and most of the suggestions within the Webinars have no cost associated with them, they just require a bit of thought and time.

The full list of Webinars available are listed at Bowls England Webinars

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