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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Whilst searching the web for information about bowling in general and coronavirus in sport in particular, I paid frequent visits to the excellent website provide by Bowls England which is the national organisation for Lawn Bowls.

What struck me about this organisation is the amount of free support they provide for their bowlers and clubs. I'm not sure how much they charge clubs to be members but there is a wealth of support and material to aid clubs in all areas.

For example they provide free training on ...

  1. How to recruit 20 new club members a year

  2. How to run a bowling club

  3. How clubs can improve their communications with members

  4. How to submit bids for funding

  5. Safeguarding for clubs and bowlers

  6. Green maintenance

In addition they also provide ....

  1. Free recruitment advertising literature (posters, leaflets etc)

  2. Burseries for clubs to attend commercial training programmes

  3. Low interest loans to clubs for new green equipment, clubhouse improvements and repairs, car parks, fencing, access roads etc

  4. A range of free document templates ranging from membership forms to club constitution to coronavirus action plans and more

  5. A free Greens Maintenance Advisory Service providing practical independent advice and assistance to clubs regarding all issues related to the bowling surface.

  6. Coaching burseries

The loans item took my eye in particular and it is clear that this organisation uses their surplus funding to invest in their member clubs. Rather than sticking it in an investment fund somewhere they instead take a small interest payment from clubs that sign-up to a loan. This way that funding is still making money for the national organisation but also making life easier for its member clubs in developing their own facilities and bowling in general.

There is more as this organisation is very open with information about their activities. All Board meetings are publicly reported on their website in detail, they have a figure-head Chief Executive in Tony Allcock OBE and an outlook which is very much club-focused.

Take a look for yourself by visiting their website at Bowls England

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