Bowling rules quiz answers

The bowling rules quiz set by Pat Stephenson in the May issue of the newsletter is reproduced below along with the answers.

Jack and Fred have been mates all their lives and share everything (including it is rumoured their wives). They are bowling in a Vets. Pairs match and Jack picks up his own wood and gives it to Fred to bowl. When the bowl stops their opponents object saying that you must bowl only your own wood. But Jack and Fred say we have shared everything all our lives and we are sharing our 4 woods between us.

Q1. Can they share woods or are their opponents correct?

Q2. What happens to the wood delivered by Fred?


1. No they cannot share woods so opponents are correct.

2. The wood delivered by Fred becomes a dead wood and is taken away from the end and returned to the proper owner to be played (Rule 5.13). However, the offender (Fred) forfeits one bowl and bowls his remaining bowl in place of the forfeited bowl to be followed by his opponent playing his 2 bowls consecutively (Rule 5.8).

Quiz set by Pat Stephenson

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