Both Winter League greens get YCCGBA approval

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Both greens to be used in the Winter League season - Milnsbridge BC and Springwood - have received the go-ahead from Yorkshire CCGBA to hold competitive matches.

This involved both clubs submitting separate plans for adhering to the social distancing rules including a full Risk Assessment of the problems that could arise and how they would be mitigated. Those plans have been vetted and approved by the County so everyone can be assured that all sensible precautions have been taken in the best interests of the safety of all bowlers.

We have been hit with a number of potential show-stoppers right through the year as plans have been progressed to establish the new Winter League but we are nearly there now. We can't wait to be the first League in the area to have some competitive bowling in 2020. Bring it on!

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