Boris raises hopes of end to lockdown for sports

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The statement from Boris today about the chances of sports stadiums being back in use by October fills us with hope that bowling should be fully back on track by then as well. If they are talking about allowing thousands of football fans into stadiums then surely open-air competitive bowling between clubs will have been released from the shackles long before then. Add to that the 'Back to normal by Christmas' promise from the PM gives us all renewed hope.

We are still waiting to hear from the BCGBA/YCCGBA about their interpretation of the Phase 2a guidance from the Government released 8 days ago on Thursday 9 July. Those clubs that have contacted me about who they should forward their Action Plans to at YCCGBA will have to wait a little longer until the YCCGBA release that information.

Although the timescales appear to cancel out any lasting hope of any real bowling in the Summer leagues this year the timescales could work well for the new Winter League.

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