Best internet browser for HDVBA

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I am aware of some members having problems with the presentation and navigation of the HDVBA website especially with mobile devices and Apple hardware.

The website editing software is supposed to iron out those differences but with systems frequently being updated that doesn't always work too well.

If you want to get the optimum presentation and performance whilst on the website then I suggest that you use a Windows 10 device (laptop or desktop) and use the Chrome browser. The site is built using a Windows 10 laptop with the Chrome browser so it is always going to look its best copying that setup.

As regards Apple (iPad, iPhone) devices then they are in a world of their own. They have never complied with industry standards and there are always likely to be problems with navigating around this and other sites.

I use an Android smartphone as well but I find navigating the HDVBA site on that device (even using Chrome) as tedious and fraught with problems. The presentation is nothing like it is on a laptop either.

So for optimum performance use a desktop or laptop running Google Chrome on Windows 10. Here endeth today's technical workshop!!

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