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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Welcome to the new website which has been introduced to make it more mobile friendly (half of the visitors use mobile devices) and to make it more inter-active with all visitors.

You can now comment on any article on the homepage as well as just clicking on the red heart to indicate that you like the posting.

Click on the titles of any of the postings on the home page to read the full article. Have a good look around the site by using the menu at the top of every page, try them all out, you can't break anything!

Many of the pages are still being developed and there are many new features still to be added including a Members Only Forum coming soon.

Despite my best endeavours there will be parts of the site that will not be working as you would expect. There will be some dead-ends and some links that don't go to the correct place. I guarantee that there are errors on the site. Please don't just moan about them and leave them unreported. Tell me about any errors you find and then I can sort them out otherwise they are just left there for others to find (and ignore) later on. Report Errors

Go to the Visitor Reviews page to tell us what you like and don't like about the new site and then tell us what else you would like to see added.

You have to Sign Up and Log In (see top of page) before you can leave any Comments or Visitor Reviews but it only takes a minute and opens up a greater range of features coming your way soon.

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