BCGBA Phase 3 compliance

Bowlers playing in the Winter League will expect to see that the host clubs are taking their safety seriously and to ensure that they will be expecting to learn of full compliance with the BCGBA Phase 3 guidelines.

Phase 3 Opening of Crown Green Bowls Jul
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I am pleased to report that Springwood and Milnsbridge are both working hard to ensure the safety of visitors and bowlers in line with the BCGBA guidance. To that end both clubs will be providing information on compliance and any steps that visitors can expect to see and be asked to follow, before the season commences.

Just to give you an indication of what is expected here is an extract from that BCGBA guidance whilst the full document is also available here.

Phase 3 Opening of Crown Green Bowls Jul
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Bowls Clubs are a complex environment where the risk should be assessed for the venue and the activity to ensure effective social distancing and infection control.

Clubs should clearly communicate to all participants, volunteers and workers to ensure reasonable measures are complied with at all times, before, during and after any activity. Members should arrive prepared to take part within the prescribed time limits for play. Changing facility use should be avoided but should be available where there are additional needs for members. Undue raising of voices should be avoided to avoid any airborne transmission of virus. (consider use of masks where needed). Minimise any personal contact with surfaces while taking part in sport.

A. Steps clubs should take:

1. Advise members/players of guidance before they arrive at the green to ensure safety and compliance.

2. Provide handwashing, sanitiser and encourage good hygiene at all times.

3. Use contactless payment where appropriate.

4. Keep doors open where possible to avoid contact.

5. Avoid the use of lockers or equipment stores and keep equipment accessible where possible.

6. Avoid the use of paperwork wherever possible, use online processes as much as possible for booking sessions.

B. Managing Risks

1. Undertake a risk assessment for the Bowls Club for any proposed activity.

2. Risk assess the number of players that can access the green.

3. Limit numbers where appropriate.

4. Have a plan for arrival and leaving the green.

5. Use markings where possible.

6. Ensure Parking arrangements are covered and communicated.

7. Use one way systems when moving through buildings.

C. Avoid contact while taking part.

1. Social distancing should be maintained between all users including, individuals, groups, teams and coaches, unless from the same household.

2. Spectators & players to follow social distancing and manage their children in attendance.

3. Assist track and trace by keeping records of attendance (21 Days)

Return to Sport Action Plan. Crown Green Bowls.

Each club should review their Risk assessment to allow for non-club members attending and all relevant information provided to the opponents in advance of attending your green.

Matches can be up to a maximum of 12 a side but the total group size including officials and coaches must not exceed 30.

Individual games should ensure social distancing is maintained within the game and other games on the green.

Use your own equipment wherever possible and shared mats and jacks should be cleaned before and after each game.

If someone outside your game touches the jack it should be cleaned prior to continuing with the game.

Players to remain socially distanced at all times.

Use of club facilities, clubhouse, toilets and changing areas should adhere to the latest government guidelines.

Keep records of all those who have attended the match, players spectators and officials and record contact details.

Measuring an end should be done by the players if a mutual decision cannot be agreed. Equipment should be cleaned after each use if shared.

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