YCCGBA Circular to all clubs

Updated: May 21, 2020

We have been asked to display the YCCGBA Circular below which covers 1. BCGBA & Yorkshire bowling competitions

2. BCGBA & YCCGBA subscriptions for 2020

3. Club's Public Liability Insurance

4. BCGBA & YCCGBA Yearbooks

5. BCGBA Officials

6. Standard jacks

7. Overall bowling

8. Financial support

The BCGBA had Zoom Management Meetings on Saturday and Monday last. Arising from these meetings and from the latest Government advice (PM statement Sunday and associated detail documents on Monday) the following matters are brought to your attention.

1. Fixtures The BCGBA has cancelled all its bowling events/programme for 2020 This involves county championship matches for Men/Ladies and Juniors and individual competitions. These fixtures will be carried forward to 2021. YCCGBA has not made any decision as yet on its 2020 bowling competitions. Whilst it appears unlikely that any will take place, some individual competitions may be possible later in the year. These would of course be subject to Government guidelines. Whilst greens are now allowed to be open, the Government's specific advice is that no competitive bowling can take place so no league bowling in whatever form is possible at present.

2. Subscriptions

It appears all counties bar one are collecting the BCGBA club levy of £35. The period for collection is still operable, however those clubs which have not paid by the end of the collection period can expect a financial penalty to be imposed on top of their fee before being allowed to bowl in 2021. In Yorkshire the majority of clubs have fulfilled their financial obligations to the county. The period for collection has been extended to the end of June without any penalty being imposed. After that clubs still to pay will have a financial penalty imposed on top of their fee before being allowed to bowl in 2021. Expected adjustments to fees for 2021 for both bodies will be detailed later in the year.

3. Public Liability Insurance

This is mandatory for 2020. Those clubs insured by the BCGBA insurer, Endsleigh, should note that this insurance is a BCGBA membership benefit related to being a member of the BCGBA i.e. having paid their £35 levy. Consequently those clubs which have Endsleigh PLI  but have not paid their £35 levy will find that this insurance is invalid until the levy has been paid. Also note that the Endsleigh PLI runs from 1 May each year and therefore if not renewed for 2020, the club will not be allowed to bowl in April 2021 as there will be no valid insurance for this period.

4. Yearbooks

The BCGBA 2020 Yearbook will be used in 2021 with any fixture amendments detailed on its website in due course. Clubs will not be required to purchase a BCGBA Yearbook.in 2021. Later in the year YCCGBA will consider a similar arrangement.

5. Officials

The BCGBA  Presidential rota will be suspended for 2021 with the 2020 elected President/Deputy President presiding in 2021. Subject to Council approval this is likely to be the situation in Yorkshire.

6. Standard Jacks

There will be no date extension for the unused year.

7. Overall bowling

The present Government guidelines with BCGBA guidance/criteria has been already circulated to clubs and is on the BCGBA and YCCGBA websites. This precludes any competitive bowling. Should Government guidelines be relaxed, resulting in competitive bowling being possible, then it will be left to each League/Association/Club to organise its own activities within the Government/BCGBA/YCCGBA guidelines operable at that point in time.

8. Financial Support

Local Authorities throughout the county have started paying out the £10000 Government support available for eligible clubs based on rateable value. Sport England, via its Community Emergency Fund, is also paying out grants to clubs which have applied for such support. Sport England funding has closed for the time being but will reopen again at some point in the future. Clubs are encouraged to apply to this fund, details of which were circulated to clubs some weeks ago.

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