Bad weather arrangements in hand

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

We've started compiling all the information we will need to enable the League to get off to a flying start in October.

The next thing on the list is to prepare for bad weather. Inevitably during the Winter League season there will be some Tuesdays where the weather may threaten our fixtures. Rain, snow, flooded or frozen greens are all to be expected at some point and if that happens on a match day then we need to be organised to respond to such situations.

The decision on whether the green is fit to bowl on is solely the responsibility of the host club. So Milnsbridge or Springwood will make the decision if play is possible or not. If they believe that a green is not fit then they have right to postpone that week's fixtures. The arrangement being that they will text or phone a nominated contact for each team due on that date. That contact should be made by 10.30am on match day at the very latest to prevent teams travelling unnecessarily. That list of Team Contacts is being established for each team now. There are a number of gaps in this list at present so teams should get in touch if this information is incomplete or incorrect. Contact Us

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