A short history of Pip Hill Liberal Club & Green

Des Emsell has been digging into the archives of the Huddersfield Chronicle once again and come up with a gem about Primrose Hill Liberal Club.

Continuing his research into the missing opening dates of clubs and greens of teams in the Veteran's League he is currently wading through microfilms of cuttings from 1885. On the 4th April that year, the following extract from that edition revealed the opening date of the Club itself (1874) and then went on to indicate that the bowling green was constructed by members in 1882 at a cost of £170.

The full article is well worth reading to get a feel for a working man's life at that time but the highlighted sentences should not be missed. Well done Des once again, great stuff.

I make that just three bowling club opening dates that remain missing and they are Farnley Tyas, Marsh Liberal Club and Paddock I&C. I'm sure that Des is already on the case.

Huddersfield Chronicle, 4th April 1885

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