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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I've had an excellent response from a number of Veteran bowlers to my appeal for photographs of your bowling greens and surrounds and I am including five of those in this week's rolling homepage. I am holding back a really colourful photograph of the gardens at Dalton and this will appear in next week's selection of homepage photographs.

So what have we got to impress you all this week, well in rotation order they are...

1 Lindley BC in mid-May. Trees and bushes have been lowered on two sides of the green by 2-3 feet, one of the sides is shown in the photo. The Lindley BC green was voted the best garden green in our recent survey of bowlers. Photo courtesy of Mike Thornton.

2 Marsh Utd in mid-mowing. A lot of work has been done on and around the green with this photo taken during a break in a mowing session. Photo courtesy of Brian Swift.

3 Two unusual stone carvings uncovered when work on the Milnsbridge green was undertaken recently. It transpires that Trevor Hallas built them into the wall at the side of the green. According to Brian Bailey the stones originated from a house demolition on nearby Manchester Road. Chris Squires then added that Trevor Hallas told him and John Wright in one Sunday lunchtime club session about the stones and explained that, for posterity, he'd placed a small jar containing some loose change behind each one. Going on to say that he saw him indicating where the stones were to John. I am grateful to Jim Baxter for pulling all the stories together and for the two photos. Have you got any unique carvings or objects around your green?

4 Lindley Lib green looking in pristine nick as Philip Walker recorded when undertaking his 7-Greens-in-60-Minutes Lockdown walk last month.

5. Thorpe Green is looking very different with new seating and covered areas to set off a beautiful looking green. Thank you to Paul Rushworth for the photograph.

Send me your club/green photos to show off the good work that members have undertaken during the extended close season. Contact Us

When on the homepage move your mouse indicator off the photo to allow the photos to rotate, then move the mouse over a photo to pause the rotation. Go to Homepage

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